cloche à fromage artisanale
cloche à fromage fabriquée main
Cloche a fromage
  • 60.00 €



Description: This cloche and its board are hand-made specially to protect cheese. It is the perfect gift for cheese lovers !
The artisans says:“This passion for basketwork comes from my father. I work with different materials among which myrtle, rush and even brambles! I love developing new techniques that I mix with traditional ones”. Natalina Figarella
Details: Size: board Ø 26 cm, cloche Ø 20 cm H. 8cm
Material: rush
This Original Corsican Product will be sent within 2 to 7 working days according to the availability of the material.
Shipping & Returns:

Each product will be sent within 3 weeks according to the availability of the material.
Colissimo International (Delivery time 3 to 8 working days).

Categorie(s): HOME DECORATION / Basketwork

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